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Surrey Energy Management is fully committed to working towards reducing the UK’s carbon emissions and hence cutting the cost of our energy bills, both at home and work.

The UK government has very ambitious targets for reducing our carbon emissions – 50% from current 2013 levels, by 2030. It is estimated that approximately 50% of UK’s carbon emissions come from either residential or commercial buildings and Surrey Energy Management seek to play significant role in the reduction of the country’s energy cost.

As detailed below, our energy assessment services include Energy Performance Certificates (EPS) for both commercial and residential homes, Display Energy Certificates (DECs) for public sector buildings and SAP & SBEM calculations at the design stage of new build properties – both residential and commercial. In more detail these services can be sub divided into three categories, as below.


Designs for all new build properties, including extensions, have to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations, to assess whether the proposed building achieves compliance. For residential properties, the method of calculation to ensure compliance is using SAP Calculations.  (Standard Assessment Procedure).

For all commercial buildings, the method used to ensure compliance with BRUKL is SBEM Calculations.(Simplified Building Energy Model).

Surrey Energy Management are highly experienced in working with architects, designers and developers of both residential & commercial developments.


Our energy assessment services for commercial buildings can be sub divided into two categories: existing buildings and those at the design or construction stage.
For existing buildings we provide Commercial EPCs, for all types of commercial building including retail, office and  industrial premises, where either a lease or sale transaction legally requires the landlord to provide an EPC.

Alternatively, at the design stage of a building we provide SBEM Calculations to ensure full compliance with BRUKL requirements, described in more detail under On Construction, above.


Again, our services for residential properties can be sub divided into two categories: Existing houses or flats where the owner/landlord is either selling or letting the property and a Residential EPC is required.

For new build homes and extensions at the design stage, our energy assessment services are described in some detail above, where we work with architects and designers to ensure that any proposed home or extension fully complies with Part L of the Building Regulations, by providing a SAP calculation service.



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